Our Passion

Discovering Wines from the World's Finest Terroirs

Vin Elegance helps clients from wine enthusiasts to sommeliers… discover, experience and collect… small estate, elegant wines from the world’s finest terroirs.

Our Mission

Vin Elegance is dedicated to providing elegant imported wines, wine education and adventures for wine amateurs, collectors and professionals. We help clients discover rare and small production fine wines from France, to the USA and Canada, from our base in Vancouver.

About Tara

Vin Elegance was founded by, Tara Abernethy, a passionate fine wine-lover and French culture expert. Tara is an experienced educator, wine expert and travel enthusiast who speaks three languages (English, Spanish and French) and has both lived and studied for several years in France’s top wine producing regions. Tara works with both private individual clients and upscale restaurants in the USA (Pacific Northwest) and Canada.